All-time timeline | Letitia James vs Donald Trump: Who is Letitia James and why does she want Trump's buildings?

This past month, we have seen a lot of talk about Donald Trump having to pay a fine of approximately 355 million dollars. But just who is Letitia James, and why has she asked for Trump's buildings?
Former President Trump's Civil Fraud Trial Continues In New York City
Former President Trump's Civil Fraud Trial Continues In New York City / Pool/GettyImages

The last month has featured a lot of discussion about the lawsuit between Letitia James and Donald Trump. But in the midst of so many Trump-related cases, it can be hard to keep up with what the case is and what the judgment means.

The Attorney General of New York and Donald Trump have been doing battle in the courtroom over the past few months. It is a civil case, meaning a financial penalty is being imposed rather than a custodial sentence being imposed. The case relates to investigations by New York into Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, and their financial dealings.

Letitia James
Donald Trump Found Guilty In Civil Fraud Case, Fined Over $300 Million / Michael M. Santiago/GettyImages

Who is Leticia James?

Letitia James is the Attorney General of New York. The role of the Attorney General is the highest individual position of legal power in a given state or nation. Letitia James assumed the position in 2019 as the 67th Attorney General of New York and has served under two different governors since.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Letitia James served under then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from January 1, 2019 until his resignation on August 23, 2021. James then continued in her position as Attorney General of New York under Governor Kathy Hochul, who remains in this position to date.

Here is a timeline of events between Letitia James vs Donald Trump prior to this week's news.

November 7, 2019: Attorney General Letitia James sues Trump for $2 million over alleged misuse of Trump Foundation funds

This was related to a fundraiser in Iowa for veterans from when he was still running for the US Presidency in 2016. Trump maintained that the $2.82 million funds were being used for charity, but a judgment from the courts claimed that the money was being paid out by campaign staff instead of the foundation, which is illegal.

December 20, 2021: Donald Trump sues Attorney General Letitia James in a bid to prevent inquiries into his businesses due to political bias

Donald Trump took legal action in December 2021, seeking to halt Letitia James’s long-running civil inquiry into his business practices based on his argument of bias. The lawsuit alleges that Letitia James, a Democrat, is "guided solely by political animus and a desire to harass, intimidate and retaliate against a private citizen who she views as a political opponent.”

September 21, 2022: Letitia James sues Donald Trump, his three adult children, and the Trump foundation, claiming he inflated the value of his home Mar-a-Lago and 22 other assets

Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit claiming Donald Trump engaged in years of financial fraud for economic benefit. The lawsuit claims Trump and his children falsely inflated the value of his net worth by billions in order to persuade banks to lend him more money.

February 16, 2024: Letitia James launches a $250 million lawsuit against Donald Trump, accusing the former United States president of fraud and overvaluing his net worth

Just recently, after 3 long years of legal battles, a New York judge has sided with Letitia James in Donald Trump's civil fraud trial. Justice Arthur F. Engeron found Donald Trump liable and ordered him to pay a whopping $355 million. This could allegedly wipe out all of Donald Trump's money.

Over the past month, the news cycle has been dominated with talks of Attorney General Letitia James being prepared to seize Trump's buildings if he is unable to find cash to cover the penalty.

"If he does not have funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek judgment enforcement mechanisms in court, and we will ask the judge to seize his assets."

Letitia James to ABC News
Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump
Trump International Hotel And Tower Toronto - Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony / George Pimentel/GettyImages

Why does Letitia James want Trump's buildings?

Donald Trump has been accused by the courts of fraudulent business practices. Judge Arthur Engeron ruled Donald Trump must pay a fine of $355 million dollars, which may be more money than he has access to in liquid funds.

Letitia James has stated that, if Trump is unable to pay the fine in cash, his assets, primarily his buildings, would be seized. This would cover the costs of the fine handed down by the courts. It is a huge amount of money, and it remains to be seen how Donald Trump could fulfill the judgment.

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