20 pieces of wild Super Bowl trivia to impress your whole viewing party

Whether you're prepping fun facts for yourself or planning a trivia competition with your friends, these 20 tidbits are bound to improve your Super Bowl experience.
Super Bowl LVIII - Previews
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A6. Goodyear Tire

But, you can get credit if you said Ford, Chrysler, RCA, RJ Reynolds Tobacco, McDonald's, or Budweiser.

Technically, we don't know exactly what the first Super Bowl ad was, because the only known footage of the game isn't accessible. But we do know some of the featured ads, with the most prominent being the one from Goodyear, which featured a woman alone on the road after her tire blew.

According to Forbes, a 30-second commercial airing during Super Bowl I cost $37,500. Today, it's more like $6-7 million.