15 St. Patrick's Day trivia questions to try while drinking a green beer

A man dressed as Saint Patrick during the celebration of...
A man dressed as Saint Patrick during the celebration of... / Marcos del Mazo/GettyImages
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St. Patrick's Day is one of those weird holidays that plenty of people celebrate, but not many people know much about it. Of course, it's named after a Catholic Saint and it has to do with Ireland, but how much more do you know about it?

The holiday was first celebrated all the way back in the 17th century, when it was named a Christian holy day. At the time, it was intended to celebrate the spread of Christianity and often served as a brief break from Lent restrictions before Easter.

While more traditional Christian Churches often still celebrate St. Patrick's Day in some form or fashion, most people today know it more for its secular observences. Wear green or risk being pinched. Drink beer with green food coloring. Listen to traditional Irish music.

Whether you plan to attend a parade or stay home with green socks (just in case), there's always time to add more fun facts to your mental trivia collection. Here are 15 fascinating pieces of trivia about Saint Patrick's Day to enjoy with your friends and family!