How much does Tesla's new mezcal cost?

This latest addition of Mezcal follows the same trend of unexpected offerings from the company.
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Elon Musk and Tesla are known for innovation in the electric car industry, but their latest product diverges sharply from their automotive roots.

Tesla has introduced a potent Mexican liquor called Mezcal, priced at $450 per bottle. This move is surprising, considering it has nothing to do with electric cars, Tesla’s primary business. Tesla's history of quirky product releases includes a cyber whistle, a USB for data storage, a cat box, and even perfume.

This latest addition of Mezcal follows the same trend of unexpected offerings from the company. Amidst executive challenges, including issues with stock distribution and a massive productivity bonus for Musk, Tesla has unveiled its Mezcal in a uniquely designed bottle.

According to a review from La Tercera, Tesla’s Mezcal boasts an alcohol content of 43 percent. The company states that the liquor is crafted through a distillation process that blends the flavors of native Espadin and Bicuishe agaves.

The taste is described as “delicate and spicy, with a deep citrus and green apple aroma that transitions to soft herbal notes and a lasting smoky finish, with hints of tuberose, jasmine, and chamomile, culminating in a balanced, velvety mouthfeel.”

This exquisite description suggests that the Mezcal is a true delight for the senses. The bottle itself is a collectible item, perfect for those who appreciate unique and curious objects. Infobae notes that the bottle is handcrafted from blown glass with a matte black finish, inspired by the ancient pottery tradition of Oaxaca’s Barro Negro.

Tesla’s Mezcal is a testament to the company’s ability to surprise and captivate its audience with products far removed from its usual offerings. While it may not solve any problems, it certainly adds a luxurious and unexpected option to Tesla's diverse product lineup.

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