Where has every Olympic Games been held?

The modern Olympic Games have been held nearly every 4 years since 1896. Learn where they were held (and who will host in the future).

The Olympics were originally a series of athletic competitions held in Olympia, Greece from approximately 776 BC to 393 AD. The tournament created an opportunity for different city-states throughout Greece to meet and marvel over athletic achievement. In addition to bonding the different city-states together, some cities used the games as a chance to prove their superiority.

The modern version of the Olympic Games began in 1896, when Greece hosted the games for a total of 14 competing nations. According to Sports Reference, the visiting Americans suggested that Athens always host the Olympics. However, the International Olympic Committee wanted the Olympics to be an international event, which is why the location always changes.

At this time, 19 countries have hosted the traditional Olympic Games throughout its modern history, with an additional 4 only hosting the Winter Olympics. Read on for a breakdown of which cities and countries every iteration of the Olympic Games has been held in.

View Of The First Modern Olympic Games In Athens 1896
View Of The First Modern Olympic Games In Athens 1896 / Heritage Images/GettyImages

Where was every Modern Olympic Games held?

1896: Athens, Greece

1900: Paris, France

1904: St. Louis, United States

1908: London, United Kingdom

1912: Stockholm, Sweden

1920: Antwerp, Belgium

1924: Paris, France

1928: Amsterdam, Netherlands

1932: Los Angeles, United States

1936: Berlin, Germany

1948: London, United Kingdom

1952: Helsinki, Finland

1956: Melbourne, Australia

1960: Rome, Italy

1964: Tokyo, Japan

1968: Mexico City, Mexico

1972: Munich, Germany

1976: Montreal, Canada

1980: Moscow, Russia

1984: Los Angeles, United States

1988: Seoul, South Korea

1992: Barcelona, Spain

1996: Atlanta, United States

2000: Sydney, Australia

2004: Athens, Greece

2008: Beijing, China

2012: London, United Kingdom

2016: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2020: Tokyo, Japan

What country has hosted the most Olympic Games?

The United States.

The US has hosted four Summer Olympic Games and four Winter Olympic Games.


Where was every Winter Olympic Games held?

1924: Chamonix, France

1928: St. Moritz, Switzerland

1932: Lake Placid, United States

1936: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

1948: St. Moritz, Switzerland

1952: Oslo, Norway

1956: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

1960: Palisades Taho (previously Squaw Valley), United States

1964: Innsbruck, Austria

1968: Grenoble, France

1972: Sapporo, Japan

1976: Innsbruck, Austria

1980: Lake Placid, United States

1984: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1988: Calgary, Canada

1992: Albertville, France

1994: Lillehammer, Norway

1998: Nagano, Japan

2002: Salt Lake City, United States

2006: Turin, Italy

2010: Vancouver, Canada

2014: Sochi, Russia

2018: Pyeongchang, South Korea

2022: Beijing, China

Thomas Bach, Michel Doukeris
International Olympic Committee And AB Inbev Announce Worldwide Olympic Partnership / Stuart C. Wilson/GettyImages

Where will future Olympics be held?

2024: Paris, France

2026: Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

2028: Los Angeles, United States

2030: TBA

2032: Brisbane, Australia

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