What generation am I? A breakdown of each generation

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Gen Z (1995/1996/1997/2001-2009/2012/2015/2020)

Current Age Range: 4-29

Formative Events: School Shootings, Covid-19

While Gen X was defined by the stability of their youth, Gen Z is the complete opposite. The world has been unbalanced for most of their formative years, and the increased ability to communicate through the Internet has made it so this generation is more politically vocal than many of its predecessors.

The world has not been kind to the children of the late 90s and early 2000s, so they have developed both an incredible amount of resilience and a great deal of anxiety. While they were not personally impacted by the 2008 Recession, their families were, which meant they were exposed to economic disparity from a very young age.

While events like 9/11 have little emotional impact on them, Gen Z learned from a young age that they lived in a fundamentally unsafe world. This is especially true for those who attended public school, as they grew up amidst school shootings, planning escape routes and battle strategies instead of preparing for tests.

Because of this, Gen Z was never promised a happy adulthood. Rather than let that destroy them, however, they have used the Internet to mobilize, promoting social issues and trying to build a better future however they can. As true digital natives, they rely on technology for daily life, which comes with benefits and limitations.

This generation is heading into the workforce now, and they are making big waves. They seek out fulfillment in their jobs, and many refuse to be taken advantage of by an uncaring company. Perhaps more than any other living generation, Gen Z is forcing the people around them to do better, which may be vital in creating a more equitable future.

Public Figures in this Generation: Greta Thunberg, Jojo Siwa